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A Morality Tale by adamant Rated: PG-13 [Reviews - 17]
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Adult situations and language. Adam escapes from Andersonville prison during the Civil War but soon becomes a prisoner of his own heart.

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Title: Chapter 1: A Morality Tale Reviewer: familyluv Signed

Dear author, 

I read this story last night and I am still thinging about it the next day. I am lucky enough to have some of my ancesters' letters written during the Civil War. So this story did resonate with me. When I got to the end, I just stared at the screen, hoping there was at least an epilouge. The feeling of lost was quite accute. I have read the other reviews so I know you have no plans for a squel, but I do think that if they met up, the story would be intersting on where do they go from here, how do they react once the war is over, etc......anyway, that is just me with fingers crossed. I do believe you would do them justice. Thank you again for something I will think about for a while.  

Author's Response:

Deat Reader, how wonderful it was to find a review on this particular story as it is one of my own favorites. And how interesting that you have actual records through your ancestor's letters, of the Ciil War. I relied on research and tried to make the story as authentic as possible

I know that many readers would like to have seen a sequel but as for me, the story is complete. But thank you for believing that I would do both Adam and Zelphia justice if I wrote another.

Thank you again for both reading and for leaving a review. It is wonderful to know that stories are still a few years after being written.

Date: 03/17/2019