Favorite Authors
1. CowgirlAtHeart

Well, now. Happy ending indeed, and a fine setup to it. I like the matter-of-fact author's voice here too. It feels right for telling a western. This one sounds a bit more Walton's Mountain than Bonanza, but I don't mind that. 

What works for me is the way the author depicts each of the characters. Adam is no-nonsense, even if able to see the world with a sense of humor. Ben is not just a parent but a problem-solver, capable of leading decisively without being difficult to like. Joe is Joe, mischief personified, and Hoss is solid, strong, and soft-hearted. Hop Sing is always busy, a little querulous, the kind of force of nature you need to run a house full of fighting men.

What I would change? I know there's a word limit; I know the need to show the sea, and its effect on the wayfarer's emotions. I'd like to know more about that trip home, though, because I'd bet real money it wasn't just a stagecoach ride in bad weather. So I might spend a little more time on between buying that ticket, and joining that song, from the wayfarer's point of view.

It's a pretty darn good story. I could see it being the middle and last acts of an episode.