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Title: A Visit Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

That was such a beautiful story and I had often wondered what would have happened had she lived. You could feel the love that they had for each other.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:49 pm [Report This]
Title: The Wedding Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

I can just see them having that small wedding and the flowers that she carried were daffodils just like the ones he gave her all those years ago.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:47 pm [Report This]
Title: The Proposal Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

So beautiful that Ben proposed. Love seeing how happy they are.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:45 pm [Report This]
Title: Winter Wonderland Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

The beauty of young love, am ejoying seeing the romance between Ben and Elizabeth.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:43 pm [Report This]
Title: I Love You Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

They finally admitted how they felt for each other and then her father had to come outside. On to the next chapter.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:41 pm [Report This]
Title: The Arrival Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

Sarah got what she deserved and she has been so mean to Elizabeth. Glad that when Ben came home he only had eyes for Elizabeth and that he realized that he loved her.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:39 pm [Report This]
Title: The First Letter Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

How sweet that Elizabeth had written to Ben so that he would have something from her and it was something that meant so much to him.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:36 pm [Report This]
Title: As Time Goes By Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

Love it. Ben asked Elizabeth to the dance and boy Sarah is going to be mad that Ben didn't ask her.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:34 pm [Report This]
Title: Flowers Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

How precious. Think Ben is starting to like Elizabeth. Love how he surprised her with the flowers he picked.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:31 pm [Report This]
Title: The Frog Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

Enjoying seeing Elizabeth and Ben spend time together. She is so caring and sweet and just perfect for Ben.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:29 pm [Report This]
Title: The Bird Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

That was so sweet Ben saving that bird and bringing it to Elizabeth to take care of. Now we know where Hoss gets his love of animals from.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:27 pm [Report This]
Title: The Others Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

Love it, Ben coming to Elizabeth's rescue. Sarah should be ashame of  herself for being so mean.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:25 pm [Report This]
Title: Hello Reviewer: mo1427 Anonymous

Oh that is so sweet. Even as a child Ben is so gallant and he knew how to put Elizabeth at ease.

Date: 07/07/2013 - 07:20 pm [Report This]
Title: A Visit Reviewer: Lyn R Signed

Sweet story of children growing up together, like the daffodils


Author's Response:

Thanks, Lyn.  I'm glad you liked it.

Date: 06/16/2011 - 09:24 am [Report This]
Title: A Visit Reviewer: Angelface1961 Signed

How different their life would have been had Liz lived.  Wonder how she would have made it with the trek across the country in a coverred wagon?  Good story deansgirl.

Author's Response:

Thanks for reading it, Angelface.  I loved Liz.  She was my favorite.  I am glad you liked it.

Date: 06/15/2011 - 09:24 pm [Report This]
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