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Title: After The Fall Reviewer: Heather-Chrysalis Signed

I really liked your story. You filled in the spaces between the scenes we had seen in Triangle in a way that had a very natural authentic feel to it, and it flowed along smooth and seamless.

And afterwards when Adam was all alone after Laura ran off with Will, the emotion that Adam was feeling-the heartache and betrayel, the depression and sadness-felt very real to me and it's how I would imagine him feeling too. You expressed Adam's feelings in a very poignant way.

These lines especially touched me:

"The house he worked on was still out there, a skeleton of the love he thought they shared. He even had a tree picked out for a treehouse for his little girl. She was gone now, too. They had her write a farewell letter to him. Even though the thought was painful, he would have preferred a hug."

These lines are so filled with heartache that my heart cries for Adam and how I yearn to comfort him...

Date: 10/11/2022 - 06:39 am [Report This]
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