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Title: Act I: A Cast of Characters Reviewer: pegasus Signed

 I just loved seeing Adam playing a Montague in Edwin's presentation of Romeo and Juliet. He was beautiful!

Adam as a Montague Adam as a Montague.


It was a wonderful story. I loved your descriptions of New Orleans.

I also liked your description of being an alcoholic, coming from the mouth of an alcoholic, Edwin Booth. "I do feel like one of the Greek gods when I drink - standing aloft on Olympus and being worshiped by mere mortals who 'crawl between heaven and earth'."

Shades of The Crucible! Is Adam capable of committing murder? "And that is your fear, isn't it -- that you'll abandon self control altogether and become a beast like every other man."

Very well done! Thanks for writing it!

Author's Response:

First, thank you for the lip-smacking pic of Adam in tights. He would have been glorious on stage!

Sadly, Edwin Booth, just like his father, was an alcoholic who managed to overcome it in later life.  And there was the spectre of Adam commiting murder, at least to the others. Thanks for the review and I tried to write New Orleans as I remembered it from my last visit as well as the research I did of that time frame.  It seemed the appropriate place for such a tale as this.

Glad you liked the story.

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Title: The Denouement Reviewer: AdamCult2b Signed

A well written story that kept me reading (so had only 3 hours sleep in that night). Adam loves the theater , he loves Shakespeare . Learned some theater language 

Author's Response:

Well, Edwin Booth shows up in "The Actress" and Adam said he'd known Booth since college--so a story was born. Although the "mystery" isn't the best kept secret, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks. And theatre language is a jargon of its own.

Date: 04/22/2016 - 05:31 pm [Report This]
Title: The Denouement Reviewer: Bertha Signed

very good story! Thanks

Author's Response:

 Long time, no see, Bertha. Thanks for reading.

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Title: The Denouement Reviewer: Tracy Signed

I always second guess myself when reading or watching a mystery. Maybe it is the amateur writer in me, but I want to figure out "who done it" before everyone else in the book or on the show. Adamant, your murdered was on my list of two, but not the top choice. Bravo! You fooled me.

I highly recommend this story, and I plan on suggesting, begging, pleading, maybe even bribing Adamant to continue the tale of the friendship between Adam and Edwin.

Author's Response:

Thanks, Tracy, but I wouldn't have been upset had you or anyone else guessed. I wrote a mystery but I also tried to show Adam's development from a young man with too much confidence and pride in his intellectual prowess to learning that there are people who are better than him at some things.

Thank you for liking the story and I appreciate this nice review. Maybe one day I'll write a little story about Edwin Booth's visit to the Ponderosa. Maybe...if the muse speaks. But actually, the muse would have to shout--with a megaphone.  : )

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Title: Act V: The Evidence Mounts Reviewer: Tracy Signed

Well, having recently watched "The Princess and The Frog" with my granddaughter, I couldn't get the animated image of Mama Odie out of my head! So Mama Zee =Mama Odie for me!

Such vivid original characters, Adamant. From Mama Zee to Pretty Loius to Chauvette. I don't think I want this story to end!

Author's Response:

I had to look up Mama Odie and you'e right--turbaned and toothless! Made me laugh. But I had pictured Mama Zee as thin but now I can't see anyone other than Mama Odie! :-D

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Title: Act IV: The Falling Action Reviewer: Tracy Signed

Another intriguing original character shows up in this chapter. Adam's ability to access a man's background rivals that of the detective, and I get the impression they might have been friends had they met under other circumstances. 

Author's Response:

I liked Chauvette--he does enjoy toying with Adam who hates being manipulated. Chauvette isn't as stupid as Adam hopes. I too thought that Adam would have enjoyed Chauvette's company and vice versa in another situation.

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Title: Act III: The Rising Action Reviewer: Tracy Signed

Another chapter that reeled me in and held me captive. I very much enjoyed the detail written about the goings on back stage. It brought back several fond memories. Many people aren't familiar with the terms and jobs of those behind the curtain. "Break a legging" has always been on of my favorite expressions from theater and performing. You've truly captured the ambiance.

Knowing the theme for these MMM stories, I was wondering just what the mystery would be. I was right, but had the wrong character. :)

Looking forward to reading more. 

Author's Response:

I'm glad the backstage atmosphere rang true. I hope the rest of it does as well and I tried to truly capture the atmosphere of New Orleans--taking liberties as to what it may have been like over a hundred and fifty tears ago.

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Title: The Denouement Reviewer: ansinico Signed

Well, finished at last!  Please don't take that as it may read.  This was not a chore by any means.

The setting of the scenes in Theatreland, back and front of house, worked well with the seedier parts of New Orleans. The addition of the 'voodoo dolls' gave a sense of fear as well as mystery.  

My favourite character was that of Detective Chauvette, I enjoyed the way Adam and the detective had a cautious and caustic respect for each other.  In fact, I could see these two characters better matched than Adam and Booth.  

Also that you kept the Ponderosa in Adam's thoughts. I could well believe the recollection of the set too with his father and his teacher, Mr Lowery - very Adam Cartwright.  

Is it just that the story was set around the Theatre?  For me, I felt as if I weren't reading but that I was sat in plush surroundings of a Covent Garden Theatre watching the drama from a private box.  That I would then, along with the gathered audience I would leap to my feet and give applause - yes, that I would.

Author's Response:

I took the comment exactly as you meant it! I'm glad you liked Chauvette as I liked him as well. As for the setting, I tried to bring to the story my impression of visiting New Orleans; it was miserably hot! I set the story up as a 5 act play, as I said (I think) so I'm especialy happy you felt you were watching one. Thanks for reading and commenting, ansi. Hey, there are only about 7 more to read! ; )

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Title: Act II: The Plot Thickens Reviewer: Tracy Signed

"All The World's A Stage" has grabbed me, pulled me in, and entertained me from the first sentence on.

The relationship between Adam and Edwin is brotherly and more. I'm looking forward the the rest of the story.

"I have wiped my shoes with your initials . . ." -- made me laugh out loud! What a spectacularly written scene.

Author's Response:

Thank you, Tracy for the more than generous review! Since we only saw Booth once in the series and Adam said he's known him since college, I had to create the rest. (And Booth never went to college so I had to contrive their first meeting and enduring friendship.)

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Title: Act V: The Evidence Mounts Reviewer: ansinico Signed

It is in this chapter that I have really taken on board that Adam is a young man in his early twenties and not the cool, calm, calculating Adam that one I am more familiar with. A much enjoyable chapter. 

Author's Response:

Adam is about 23, Booth about 21. Adam has yet to gain the maturity that he showed in the series and is still a bit too cocky when it comes to his intelligence. I'm glad I conveyed that.

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Title: Act II: The Plot Thickens Reviewer: ansinico Signed

Such a dramatic change from the previous chapter.  Held a lot of sadness and gives no hint of what is to follow.

Author's Response:

Well, I tried to drop a few hints along the way...but it's only after a mystery is read that a reader realizes the clues and the foreshadowing. Unless it's so ill-wrought that clues are nonexistent!

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Title: Act I: A Cast of Characters Reviewer: ansinico Signed

 From the very story notes, I was eager to dive in.

Wonderful start to what I know is going to be an enthralling read. 

Immediately I was thrown into the craziness of backstage activity.  Adam in tights!! Sweat stained at that. For a brief (sorry) moment, I was not able to see the words at all. But, I persevered and was taken from the razzle-dazzle of the entertainment world to a less than lavish drinking establishment.  I could almost smell the salty ozone mixed with the odours of vice and danger.

Adam the observer takes everything in his stride but, his friend Edwin seems on the road to ruination.



Author's Response:

I don't know how you can find the time to read but I appreciate it Greatly. Sadly, Edwin booth was on the same road to ruination as his father--in truth--unil he changed the way he lived. I tried to convey what his early life was like and that would drive anyone to drink. Glad you found the "scenery" believable.

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Title: The Denouement Reviewer: Sharry Signed

It was a love triangle (sort of), and I loved it!  

I was suspicious of Penn's feelings for awhile as Adam so obviously held Booth's attention, personal intimacy, and they did have a history together.  I became distracted with the details of the murder, however, and I forgot about the possibility of Booth leaving with Adam until near the end, and then it all became rather clear. Adam was a tremendous threat to Penn, the stability of his tour, and had become an obstacle in his own relationship with Booth.  It was his undoing that he became so desperate to retain all of it.  

I also enjoyed the backdrop of New Orleans for the story.  It occupies a very big place in Cartwright family history due to Marie, and subsequently, Joseph.  I also very much appreciated the mini glimpses into Adam and Marie's relationship; I have often thought they would have shared a unique and special friendship of their own accord.  

Thank you for your story, Adamant.        



Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked the story and the setting of New Orleans. Many times I like to take the C's on a trip for their adventures. But I am surprised that I gave the impression that Adam and Marie had a "friendship" as I have always portrayed their relationship as difficult--but although I've been more obvious about it in other stories, I may have only thought I portrayed it that way in this story. I always know what my intent is but carrying it out is another thing entirely.

Thank you for taking the time to review--every story needs an audience or it doesn't exist--a bit like a tree falling in a forest and no one being there to hear it. I appreciate it.


Date: 03/29/2016 - 10:20 pm [Report This]
Title: Act I: A Cast of Characters Reviewer: Sharry Signed

I think Adam fit quite well into his friend's acting world, although his discomfort as a super was tangible, and the idea of remaining there just wasn't his goal.  He demonstrates he is a good friend to Edwin nonetheless, and it feels as though Booth understands that.

I enjoyed the flurry of activity of the backstage area; seems real to me, and probably a lot of chaos was the norm.  Booth is indeed a troubled man, and I sense the tension of something potentially traumatic ahead for both Edwin and Adam as a result.                  

Author's Response:

Just thought I would put Adam on stage--for a short time at least. I'm pleased that you felt I captured what it's like to be backstage during a play--everyone is so focused on what they are to do--both actors and satgehands, that no one notices anything else. And in truth, Edwin Booth was a troubled man and after Lincoln's assasination, he never mentioned his brother, John, again.

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Title: The Denouement Reviewer: Calamity Signed

The perfect title and some wonderfully dramatic actors first caught my attention and held it to the not so bitter end. You've woven a sophisticated mystery into what could have been a boring legal matter for our young Master Cartwright. Bravo!

The way you have balanced both past and present actions in the present tense narrative is both clever and exciting. It didn't occur to me until after the murder that you had spent the first three acts developing the characters as well as setting the stage. I guess I was just caught up in the fast pace of the dialogue. 

So so jealous I am of your skill that my own mystery seems juvenile. Thanks for posting this story. 

Author's Response:

And I struggled over the title--I'm sure you often do that as well because a title can draw readers or repel them and a writer never knows. And then there's the summary and I don't feel I do those well. Too much info--not enough? I am never sure.


I tried to set up the story as a five act play (the denouement is always the last, small part of Act V.) So, the climax would occur in Act III (chapter 3) and then Act IV is the falling action, etc. And as for you stating you're jealous--that makes me laugh as I am always doubting my writing abilities. If I read a good story, I swear I'll never write another piece again. Everyone has or should have, unless they're a grand narcissist , doubts about their abilities. Otherwise they wouldn't try to improve.


But thank you for taking the time to read and for leaving a review.


Date: 03/28/2016 - 10:43 pm [Report This]
Title: Act I: A Cast of Characters Reviewer: Calamity Signed

Present tense does move the action along quickly.

Author's Response:

You know, Cal, I argued with myself and kept defaulting into past tense, my normal mode of narrative, as I wrote; I kept having to go back and correct it. And there are so many limitations to present tense that I didn't know if it would work but I'm glad you found it had the sense of immediacy as I had hoped. But it can be off-putting to many readers but that's a chance I took. Oh, and thank you for reading and reviewing. After sitting for two days with no action at all, I was considering whether or not to pull it as I wondered if I had made a big mistake or not. At least now it has at least 1 review! You made me happy and relieved. : )

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