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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: littlejoenice Signed

This story was both realistic and frightening all at the same time. It's an excellent writer that can make their readers feel what the characters are feeling, and you've been able to do just that, Sharry. I found even I was scared with the description of the wolves.

Of course, Joe would be scared to death because of his previous incident with a wolf, and you delved into his emotions very well. But I think what I loved best is how his brothers rallied around to protect him, even when Joe insisted that he was all right. True brotherly bonding at its best.

Author's Response:

Hi, LJN.  I'm sorry that I've been so delayed in responding to your review.  Life has had me in a veritable tail spin for the last few weeks, yet I hope to catch up soon.   

It's always gratifying to learn someone enjoyed reading anything that I've written.  I think wolves would likely always be a particularly touchy subject for the Cartwright family after that one deadly experience - especially Joe.  Anything that threatens Joe is a matter of concern for Adam and Hoss as well.  The bond they all share protects all of them equally well.  Whoever is in need of help can depend on his brothers to have his back.  We both know they would all do that. 

Thank you for reading.  :)         

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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: chezza Signed

Well done, Sharry. Very engaging story. You seem to have a good grasp of human psychology as evidenced by your adept character development. Loved that you chose to give Hoss the real expertise and calm authority in this scenario. Hoss was often portrayed as the nice guy in the background but I saw him as being very wise and confident when in his element which was natural rather than social situations. The line "Hoss was born knowing how to snore" really tickled me. I also liked that you hinted at cool, restrained Adam's mostly hidden reckless side. What are these disreputable hotels you speak of? :) And for some perverse reason it also pleased me that Adam (mildly) swore a fair bit in your story. Don't want to think too much about why that pleases me. Even your description of the horses' behaviour really drew me into the piece and seemed realistic. I know you chose wolves as the subject to continue the Montpelier Gorge storyline but I happen to think they were an excellent choice for a Halloween-timed story because of what they represent symbolically. I live in an area with a lot of wolves so I view them positively but I understand how throughout mankind's history they've come to represent the fear of what lurks just outside the campfire light, our vulnerability in a dangerous world. And to me, the Cartwrights are in a way their own wolf pack; capable, cunning, relentless but fiercely loyal to each other. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for a fun read.


Author's Response:

Thank you, Chezza!  There's something about wolves that makes them particularly fun to speculate about.  And as you mentioned, Adam and Joe's experience at Montpelier Gorge makes all of the possibilities feel even more worrisome for all of us.  The story does have a bend toward the Halloween season - at least that's how I saw it, too.  It's a time of the year I enjoy and like to read about.  :)  

I have always thought Hoss was every bit as wise as either of his two brothers.  All three of them just offer a little different insight into most things - life in general for that matter.  I think Adam could and would easily rely on Hoss.  Joe, too, if the situation called for it.  Adam's own natural authority in the order of things just pushes him into feeling responsible for both of his brothers.  Adulthood, however, allows for each of them to shine in their own light. 

And oh yes - I've chosen to believe Adam has a bit of a reckless side that Hoss knows all about.  The two of them are not only brothers, but grown men.  :)

I love your comparison of the Cartwrights to a wolf pack.  That's exactly right, isn't it?  Each member of the pack has their own set of strengths and vulnerabilities.  In many ways, Joe is one of Adam's biggest weaknesses because he would worry about him.  When the three of them join forces, however, they can face down almost anything together. 

It's gratifying to hear you enjoyed the story.         

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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: CWteller Signed

Nothing better than those Cartwright brothers working together and taking care of each other. I loved this story! Very well written, I couldn't stop reading!

Author's Response:

Thank you, CW.  I love these guys, so it's easy to envision a few scenarios that would demand a lot from all three of them.  :)

The wolf theme is almost irrisistible when it comes to Adam and Joe - My Brother's Keeper always left me hanging a little bit.  Although this story is not a direct follow-up, I always thought there would be significant fallout down the road for both of them.  It makes sense they would all face another encounter with wolves somewhere in time.    

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the story.  Thank you for letting me know.     

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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Tahoe Lee Signed

I enjoyed this story on so many levels.

You write suspense and emotion very well.

The intensity and gravity of the situation is very real for them.

And their emotions about the past is very real too.  Not overdone...just right. 

I loved the scene when they were falling asleep.  You really nailed Adam's inner-thoughts.

My Brother's keeper did need a follow-up story just like yours.  Kudos!

I loved the small gestures of love...without any dialogue.  It's just there and they know it.  Sweet!

Very well done!


Author's Response:

Thank you, Tahoe Lee!  I remember this story as being a lot of fun to write.

My Brother's Keeper veritably begged for a number of follow-up scenarios.  I thought nothing could match the original incident more than another wolf encounter of some type.  Such a moment could easily resurrect any emotions all three of the brothers might have lurking around in their psyches. 

Above all there is a lot of love for each other that always works to bind the three men together.  I am happy to read this sentiment came through to you - it is most often what's uppermost in my mind if I'm in a mood to write a story.  I think it's a significant part of what interests a lot of fans about the Cartwright family.  It certainly does me.  :)     

Thank you for dropping by the library and having a look.     

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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Bzf Signed

I enjoyed this well told story with suspense and brotherly love building in gentle increments without the need to go to extremes in either action or bonding.  It is actually more powerful for its understatement.  And a nice follow up for the lingering aftermath of My Brother's Keeper.  Thank you for the pleasure.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much, Bzf.  I think action, emotion, and the Cartwright brothers all fit together very well.  Most of us fans think it's likely the aftermath of My Brother's Keeper would have been significant for Adam as well as Joe. 

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed reading the story.  I appreciate you saying so.  :)       

Date: 03/24/2019 - 11:23 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Sierras Signed

This is a wonderful brothers story, poignant and exciting.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed the brothers' aspect of the story, Sierras.  It was a lot of fun to write. 

It's also good to hear you found some excitement in the overall plot.  After Adam and Joe's encounter with a singular wolf attack at Montpelier Gorge the previous year almost any additional wolf experience would have been uncomfortable for them.  They got through the crisis together (with a lot of help from Hoss) this time around.  :)      

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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: CowgirlAtHeart Signed

I enjoyed this story.  Poor Adam and Joe haven't gotten over the trauma of "My Brother's Keeper" yet, but they have to deal with wolves!  It's a good thing all three brothers are there taking care of each other.

Author's Response:

It's hard to say who was actually more traumatized by Adam and Joe's initial experience with wolves.  Joe was obviously badly hurt, but Adam was wracked by just as much emotional pain.  He felt so guilty for accidentally shooting Joe.  The entire incident was still weighing heavily on both of them when they crossed paths with an unusually dangerous pack of wolves.  My intent was to show how both men were able to face the new experience head on.  Hoss provided extra insurance they would all stay safe.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Cowgirl.  I was rather glad myself when that night was over for all of them.  :)        

Date: 03/27/2017 - 06:41 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Marla Fair Signed

A very satisfying follow up to My Brothers Keeper.  Great insight on the characters. Thanks for the great read!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much!  As always, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.  I think Joseph would be as strong a 'keeper' as either of his brothers.  It would just depend on who needs what at any given time.  They're all made of the same stuff in theirs hearts, and at their core.  :)  

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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: daisy60 Signed

Goodness what a scary night! I love the way the brothers took care of each other. Good writing, Sharry!

Author's Response:

Thank you, Daisy.  It was quite a night for them, wasn't it?  Those brothers are totally dedicated to one another - no doubt about it, and we love them for it!  :)

Date: 12/16/2015 - 07:18 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Patina Signed

A tense and spooky story that's perfect for the Halloween season.  Rabid or not, I was happy to see the wolves killed and ther remaining ones driven away.  No matter what, Cartwrights always stick together.  Good job, Sharry!

Author's Response:

Thank you for your kind input, Patina.  I was going for a bit of spooky, but I didn't like those wolves either by the time I was finished with the story.  I wasn't at all sure where it was going when I started, but that's part of the fun in the process for me.  And yes, I absolutely agree that Cartwrights always stick together.     

Date: 12/05/2015 - 05:38 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: gf3 Signed

You did a wonderful job building the tension in this story.   A very satisfying read!

Author's Response:

Thank you, gf3!  It's satisfying as well to hear that you enjoyed reading it.  I was interested in trying something just a little bit different.  :)

Date: 12/04/2015 - 06:11 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Guitarlover Signed

Eek!  I was reading this as evening fell, and the hairs on the back of my neck starting standing up!  Pretty scary!  I always love those brothers looking out for each other.  Great story, Sharry!

Author's Response:

Bless your heart!  It was all a bit of a tribute to the Halloween season - the intent was not to truly scare you, but possibly just to raise the creepy-meter a little bit.  :)

I would have those brothers doing nothing less than looking out for one another.  It's what what they do best of all. 

Thank you, Guitarlover!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!




Date: 11/18/2015 - 07:50 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Bertha Signed

Excellent story! Thanks!

Author's Response:

Thank you, Bertha!  It was a lot of fun to write.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  

Date: 11/02/2015 - 12:50 am [Report This]
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