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A missing scene for the episode 'A Matter of Circumstance', which is one of my favorites. Left alone in the house with what may be a dying Joe, Hoss has a conversation with himself and makes a promise.

Categories: Drama, What Happens In-Between?
Characters: Ben Cartwright, Hoss (Eric) Cartwright, Little Joe Cartwright
Open: Closed

12 year old Little Joe Cartwright loves black horses, especially the new black mare his brothers found and brought home.  Though their father disapproves, Little Joe knows she's the one for him and sets out to prove.  Little does the boy know that the horse is not what she seems and that his love for her will put not only his own life, but the lives of his brothers in jeopardy.  What do an apparition, a wild black mare, a burned out ranchero, a stolen fortune, a group of desperate outlaws and Little Joe Cartwright have in common?



Categories: Prequel, Mystery, Drama, Action/Adventure
Characters: Adam Cartwright, Ben Cartwright, Hop Sing, Hoss (Eric) Cartwright, Little Joe Cartwright
Open: Closed