Adam POD July 15-20 Adam & Laura

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Adam POD July 15-20 Adam & Laura

Post by Tahoe Lee » Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:02 pm

* Monday *

Let's look at Adam and Laura's relationship this week.

We know how it ended, but why? Was it rocky right from the beginning?

Was there ever a time when things were going smooth between them?

Well, let's look at the very beginning. Adam hadn't even stepped foot in her house yet.

Peggy had thought Laura was walking with her daddy... not Adam.

Adam... "Is she still waiting for him?"

Laura related to Adam that she had told Peggy her father was away on a very long trip. :no

Adam... "Laura, that was four months ago."

Laura... "She's just a child."

Peggy 62.png
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The body language is so telling. Adam is looking at her but she can't look at him.

She asks him if he wants to come in for coffee.

What a troubled face.

Peggy 63.png
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"You're a good man, Adam." *Toy Soldier*

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