If you could . . . #1 ~ For Looks, Only

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If you could . . . #1 ~ For Looks, Only

Post by Tracy » Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:08 am

Many of us have admitted - okay, some have bragged - about the teen idol pictures and magazines that, in our younger days, papered our bedrooms and covered our dressers.

We've mentioned which actors of the past and present fall into our own criteria for DDG status.

So, I am posing this exercise:

Set aside what you've seen, read, and or heard about their personalities, work ethics, marriage status, politics . . .

Set aside their actual performances - believe me, I know that is difficult, but try.

Set aside their generation (any age is game for this exercise, living or deceased).

This first exercise is for ACTORS (actresses for our male members) only -
big screen and or TV - no singers, politicians, historical figures. Just actors.

And this is based solely on LOOKS - animal attraction.
We will get more civilized in later exercises.

So, you will be spending a week - seven days - with the guest list of your choice.
Actors from the past or present, TV or movies - based on who you think is DDG!

And you may invite up to ten actors.

Now, think about it. Don't answer too quickly.
Take your time, make your list, check it twice, and come back and post your list.
Feel free to tell us what it is that attracts you to each of the actors - and remember -
based on the DDG scale!

Oh, and the rest of the guests at this gathering are your fellow Boomers!
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