Episode 315 - YONDER MAN

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Episode 315 - YONDER MAN

Post by Episode Guide » Wed Jun 24, 2015 11:25 am

Date: December 8, 1968

Summary: Beaudry, an old friend of Ben's, outsmarts Joe and Candy at every turn, but he wants to buy cattle from Ben to start his own ranch but learns that he is a yonder man not capable of settling down.

Written by: Milton S. Gelman
Directed by: Leo Penn
Guest Stars:John Vernon (Beaudry)

Slideshow courtesy of Tracy. Images from Bonanza Boomers Gallery.

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Re: Episode 315 - YONDER MAN

Post by Tracy » Tue May 10, 2016 3:20 pm

Beaudry, the Yonder Man, is a character is wish would have returned for a Virginia City visit. The relationship between him and Ben makes me smile. One minute, they're like brothers, best friends having shared wild times in their younger years. But there are times when they are like father and son, in a matter of speaking, and Lorne's facial expressions are just subtle enough to make that distinction. Whether or not he would admit it, Beaudry needed more from Ben than a starter herd of cattle. He needed Ben to ground him a bit.

Poor Candy. Every time the man turns around, someone who appears sinister ends up being an old friend of Ben's! And when the lawman from Montana shows up, Candy thinks he has something on Beaudry, but again, the lawman's a friend from the past.

In this episode, Joe's horse is referred to as a male by Joe, Hoss, Candy, Ben, and Beaudry -- but the horse is never referred to as Cochise. Interesting, since Cochise is referred to as a female in several episodes.

The saloon gal, Noreen, refers to the "Wild Man of Bodie" in this episode. In fact, that's a legend about the actual town of Bodie, CA.

One thing that bothers me in this one is Ben's statement when introducing Beaudry to Joe. He says, "This is my youngest, the pride and joy." OUCH. Poor Hoss and Adam (who left four seasons ago). I never felt Ben had a favorite son, just sons in different stages of maturity, and that's why that statement makes me cringe.

Another thing is when Candy spots Joe's horse with another man as it's rider - Beaudry - Candy speaks to him, calmly, smiles here and there, then pulls his gun and tells Beaudry to start walking to the sheriff. Um, shouldn't Candy be worried about Joe??
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Re: Episode 315 - YONDER MAN

Post by daisy60 » Tue May 10, 2016 3:31 pm

The Cochise in the early episodes was much smaller and may have been female. Joe seemed to have an entire stable full of Pintos, some male, some female. I love that beginning when Beaudry steals Joe's horse! The statement of Joe being Ben's pride and joy may be true while only Joe is there. If just Hoss is there he's his pride and joy. Adam is when he's talking about him. I'm a mom. I know theses things!

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