New volunteer thread for PR POD

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New volunteer thread for PR POD

Post by Threem » Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:39 pm

Changing the look of our POD sign up thread by extending it out for several months ahead, and reminding you of some new rules regarding POD's -
If using pictures from your Photobucket account, please remember, if you delete a pic there, it also deletes from a POD you may have used it in. Feel free to use from Boomer's Gallery; there are lots of great pics there!
Also, if this is your first POD, there is an excellent thread here on starting. Please read it and take note of the dates for starting a POD; they start on Monday, not Sunday.
Lots of unexplored topics still out there for the subject of a POD, on either PR or Trap. Can't think of a 'topic'? Just find some pics to put up and begin the discussion! We all love to talk about 'our' guys.
I'm including Trap in our volunteering, so be sure to check that sign up thread also! Thanks for all of your volunteering and wonderful topics and pictures every week! POD rules.

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Love him forever....

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