Episode 413 - A PLACE TO HIDE

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Episode 413 - A PLACE TO HIDE

Post by Episode Guide » Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:09 am

Date: March 19, 1972

Summary: When friend, Rose Beckett and her daughter arrive at the Ponderosa, Ben doesn’t know that they are hiding from the law. Rose's husband is wanted by the law. Ben works with the family to get the charges against the man dismissed.

Written by: William P. Gordon (Teleplay and Story), Ward Hawkins (Story)
Directed by: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Stars: Suzzane Pleshette (Rose), Hurd Hatfield (Major Donahue), Jon Sypher (Ransom), Jodie Foster (Bluebird), John Perak (McLeod), Edward Knight (Sgt. Brown), Wayne Sutherlin (Thibideaux), Stephen Coit Plummer), Biff Manard (Harsfield), Richard Ryal (Boardman), Reid Smith (Wells), Robert Ridgely (Liscomb), Jay Jones (Twohy)

Image courtesy of Tracy and Bonana Boomers gallery.

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