Episode 411 - HE WAS ONLY SEVEN

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Episode 411 - HE WAS ONLY SEVEN

Post by Episode Guide » Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:07 am

Date: March 5, 1972

Summary: Seven year old Jonah is killed by the Springer gang during a bank robbery shootout. Joe, Jamie, and Jonah’s grandfather set out together in search of the boy’s killers.

Written by: Michael Landon
Directed by:Michael Landon
Guest Stars: Roscoe Lee Browne (Joshua Morgan), William Watson (Zack), Robert Doyle (Clem), Edward Crawford (Jonah), Jeff Morris (Hal), Joseph Perry (Sheriff Tyson), Dick Farnsworth (Troy), Claudia Bryar (Martha), Sean Kelly (Billy), Harry Holcombe (Dr. Martin), Beverly Carter (Alice), Napoleon Whiting (Bert)

Image courtesy of Tracy and Bonana Boomers gallery.

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