Episode 404 - THE LONELY MAN

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Re: Episode 404 - THE LONELY MAN

Post by rogell » Tue Feb 23, 2021 12:53 am

Very nice episode. I wish Hop Sing had more like this because Victor did an excellent job. I always wished that he didn't speak broken English, but at the end of this episode, when he is trying to hold back the tears when he is talking to Ben, his broken English is very effective and lends to a sense of a much greater sadness. He is truly a lonely man. I also noticed, because 13 years has passed, Hop Sing looks so much older (of course), which makes that last scene even more poignant. His age plays well in this episode and we can surmise that even if the show went another 10 years, Hop Song is destined to be alone. Its a sin and a shame that at one time in this country miscegenation was illegal and people of different races couldn't marry someone they loved.

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