Episode 281 - CHECK REIN

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Episode 281 - CHECK REIN

Post by Episode Guide » Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:55 am

Date: December 3, 1967

Summary: The Cartwright’s help a young man’s fight to save himself and his ranch from his greedy uncle.

Written by: Robert I. Holt, Olney Sherman
Directed by: Leon Benson
Guest Stars: James MacArthur (Jace Fredericks); Patricia Hyland (Cathy); Ford Rainey (Gabriel Bingham); Charles Maxwell (Rio); Robert Karnes (Sheriff Buhler); William Fawcett (Asa); Tom Fadden (Cowboy); Hal Burton (uncredited - horseback double for James MacArthur and Michael Landon, and extra as cowboy at Rimville corral); Bob Miles (uncredited - stunt for David Canary); Bill Clark (uncredited - horseback double for Dan Blocker)`; Troy Melton (uncredited - stunt and extra as Ponderosa hand).

Slideshow courtesy of January. Images from Bonanza Boomers Gallery.

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