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Adam POD May 6-11: Time to Eat

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 3:15 pm
by SteamEngine99
My sisters and I always look forward to the parts in Bonanza spent around the dinner table or around the campfire for good hearty meal with the Cartwrights. One Cartwright in particular always catches our attention during those parts: Adam. He's always so expressive at mealtime, so I'll be sharing some of our favorite moments with Adam and food this week.


One dinnertime moment that sticks out to me in Bonanza was the first season's episode Enter Mark Twain when Hop Sing comes in and tells Adam that the boy he brought was a girl!

Adam wasn't too happy about that, but his family (and probably many of his fans :wink ) were quite amused.

(both caps by January)