2019 POD Guidelines

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2019 POD Guidelines

Post by patina » Sat Dec 29, 2018 4:31 pm

The only person who should be posting any pictures in the PODs is the member who is doing the POD that week. If any member wants to take a turn doing any of the Pictures of the Day, please see the sign up sheet stickied up top of that forum and choose a week.

Character room PODs are limited to no more than 2 pictures and one video per day. If it's a collage, than no more than 1 per day. (Actors rooms, Guest Star and Supporting Cast PODs are limited to 1 picture and one video per day.)

All PODs start on Monday and you have the week to do your POD. You may start your POD right after midnight Sunday in your time period but not before that. This is to give the previous week's POD a chance to finish up with comments before a new week starts.
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