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Post Your Adam Quotes Here!

Post by CowgirlAtHeart » Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:04 pm

Jan and I need your help! We're getting together lists of quotes from each Cartwright to have as a reference here on Boomers.
So if you have any ADAM them here! Please include the episode titles along with the quotes.
As people contribute quotes, I'll edit them into this first post so we can have all the quotes in one place.
Thanks a million! :thankyou
To Joe (about getting in trouble): "Yeah, this time it's me and not you!" (The Paiute War)

“If I've told Little Joe once, I've told him a thousand times to keep those elbows in!" (The Julia Bulette Story)

To Ben: "You know, it's doin' something for Little Joe—defending someone he feels close to." (The Julia Bulette Story)

Narrating: “Keeping the news of the new strike a secret was about as easy as keeping an elephant under a walnut shell." (The Saga of Annie O’Toole)

"Annie, will you stop trying to help before you land us both in jail?" (The Saga of Annie O’Toole)

“Suuuure there is.” (The Saga of Annie O’Toole)

"But Pa! It's ME, Adam!" (The Saga of Annie O’Toole)

“I could've told you not to worry. They never kill off the hero.” (The Magnificent Adah)

To Joe: “Nobody knows anything." (The Hanging Posse)

“Some women are worth a lot of trouble." (The Sisters)

"Pa, you always taught me that talk was cheap." (The Sisters)

To Hoss and Joe: "You sure you didn't get into any trouble?" (El Toro Grande)

“How did I ever get tangled up with you two?” (The Outcast)

“It's gotta be Little Joe or me. And he needs you more than I do." (A House Divided)

"Well, you'll never be able to enjoy this land now. There's too much blood on it." (The Spanish Grant)

"Well Pa, the way I see it, to get ahead, a man's got to use his brains, not his back." (Blood on the Land)

"Now I ask you—you ever see two guys work so hard and accomplish so little?" (Desert Justice)

To Hoss: “Mesquite beans. Yeah, Little Joe warned me if I went on a trip with you I'd be eatin' cow fodder.” (Desert Justice)

To Hoss: “How can anybody sleep with you rollin' and tossin'?” (Desert Justice)

“Joe, he's my father, too.” (Death at Dawn)

"Hit him over the head, Hoss! You'll never get anywhere poking at him." (Badge Without Honor)

To Ben: “I was a little worried about you.” (The Mill)

To Regina: "You could never be faithless. I know that much about you. And I could never hate you. I know that much about myself." (The Hopefuls)

To an infatuated Little Joe: "Joe, I think you ought to ride up into the mountains with us instead. There's a lot of snow up there. Maybe it'll cool you off." (Denver McKee)

To Joe: "Ah, you just be grateful we got you outta trouble before it happened." (Denver McKee)

To Joe: "Ah, but she was wearin' some man's brand, Casa Nova, and he was rounding up a few of his friends. They were fixin' to take you apart, but there was no talk about puttin' you back together again." (Denver McKee)

To Joe: "Ah, not that we care, but, ah, Pa might'a been a little upset” [holds two fingers a little apart]. (Denver McKee)

About Gunnar: "He reminds me of a Viking." (The Last Viking)

“Education is progress! Now what have you got against it?” (The Savage)

To Ben: “A long time ago a man fooled around with a thing he called a cotton gin, and his name was Whitney and they called him a crackpot too. And they said the same thing about a man called Watt until his steam engine made history. And before that there was a man who thought the world was round!” (The Savage)

To Ruth Halversen: “Now I know why they gave me my name. My folks must have known that I belonged in the Garden of Eden.” (The Savage)

To Pa about Joe: "Yes, but you left him with a blank check—when we get back we'll probably find the ranch has been traded off for a salted gold mine in Alaska." (Bank Run)

To Ben: “Like you said Pa, you really know Little Joe. He'll be cleaning out the stables, repairing the fences...” (Bank Run)

"I hope they forget what Hoss and Little Joe—done." (Bank Run)

"It gets colder up there than a polar bear's nose." (The Rescue)

To Hoss: "You'll be fine as a frog's hair in no time." (The Rescue)

To Ben: "You're a conniving old pirate." (The Dark Gate)

"Boy, if you don't put down that gun I'm gonna take it away from you and wrap it around your thick skull!" (The Dark Gate)

"A view like this should be looked at the first time alone." (The Dark Gate)

"Because I'm older and smarter." (Springtime)

“I’m with you every step of the way, Pa—right down the aisle.” (The Burma Rarity)

Feigning a British accent: “Awright, Ducky.” (The Burma Rarity)

"Oh, I said we better not be late; Hop Sing is serving stuffed duck for dinner." (The Burma Rarity)

"You know there's only one thing missing from this room.....a trapeze bar hanging from the ceiling." (The Burma Rarity)

"Where do you think Clementine will want to put the barbells, over the fireplace or would Harry's tights look better up there?" (The Burma Rarity)

"How are the mighty fallen!" (Broken Ballad)

To Ed Payson: "You've got the whole world in your hands here. Don't drop it now." (Broken Ballad)

To Hoss, about what’s for breakfast: “For you, 1/2 a cow.” (The Friendship)

To Joe: "It's almost worth gettin' shot" (Day of the Dragon)

About Francois: “He's just an actor playing a part." (The Frenchman)

To Ben: "You have another child to worry about, a BIG one." (The Frenchman)

To Toby: "I won't argue that. Reno stage lost its connections, I had to stay here all night, straw to sleep on, bugs to bite me, and you snoring. And to top it all off I had to get up first this morning and make the coffee.” (The Ride)

"I'm cold dead sure." (The Ride)

To Hoss and Ben: "He killed Toby Barker, that's one. If he killed me, that'd be two. And with me gone they'd hang Sammy Yates, and that makes three. Now you tell me, is the family pride worth three lives? I'll give Enders a shot at me if it'll make you feel any better, but right now I'm gonna prove he killed Toby." (The Ride)

"It won't work, Mary. Only what you've done is to tell me that Bill is guilty. I am sorry." (The Ride)

“I'm gonna think it over. Maybe I'll turn out to be a bigger coward than either one of us thinks.” (The Ride)

To Joe: "Yeah, come on little buddy, we'll make you a little red wagon so you can help us." (Gift of Water)

"Don't worry, things usually work out if you want it enough." (The Jackknife)

"Gun's only a tool, like your jackknife. Now, it's no better, no worse than the man who handles it. Any man can pull a trigger; it's not hard. But it takes a big man not to pull one." (The Jackknife)

About Joe and Hoss: "Cupid and Cupid Unlimited, Free advice given in all affairs of the heart." (The Wooing of Abigail Jones)

"After all my sweet talk...she proposed to me!" (The Wooing of Abigail Jones)

"It's because of you nitwits that I'm in this pickle in the first place." (The Wooing of Abigail Jones)

"Thank you--Mr. Tennyson." (The Wooing of Abigail Jones)

To Ben: "Well, it's almost worth the headache to hear you admit you're wrong for once." (The Lawmaker)

"Look, Joe, a man's responsible for what he does. He loses control of himself, he has to be punished for it. That's the way it is." (The Crucible)

"There's nothing humble about hospitality." (The Crucible)

To Kane: "No more games!" (The Crucible)

"I don't want to kill ya, I just want to get away from ya." (The Crucible)

"Yeah, I'm intuitive." (The Crucible)

"Is that how you hurt your arm, on Orion's belt?" (Song In the Dark)

To Hoss: "You know, if you weren't so big, I'd just poke you right in the mouth!" (The Hayburner)

To Joe: "Now I may have a couple of faults, but when it comes to judging horse flesh there ain't nobody else better in this territory than me. This hose is a...winner!" (The Hayburner)

Speaking with an English accent: “A bit grand, wouldn't you say?” (The Hayburner)

“Don't be ridiculous. I'm not upset. After all, we still have those lovely sunsets.” (My Brother’s Keeper)

To Joe, who’s getting dolled up: "Smells a bit like the Wednesday afternoon ladies society." (Thunder Man)

"I've been out there riding on that hot, dusty road, with that terrible wind blowing in my face." (Toy Soldier)

To Ben: “You talk to him! He's your son!" (Calamity Over the Comstock)

"Yeah, well drink hearty, because it's hot and dry where you’re goin.'" (Calamity Over the Comstock)

"Right! A little man in a green suit, that buried a strong box full of gold dust, and then skips away into the bushes where with a merry twinkle in his eye...he thumbs his nose and flies away to the rainbow!" (Hoss and the Leprechauns)

"Well, she's just liable to collect on that debt if you don't get her out of here!" (Calamity Over the Comstock)

To the hired hands: "I am bull of the woods here!" (The Prime of Life)

"Moo." (The Prime of Life)

“We got problems.” (Ponderosa Matador)

"a noise like a cat with its tail caught in the wringer" (Ponderosa Matador)

“You gotta be fast, boy—smart!" (Ponderosa Matador)

To Hoss and Joe: "Well, what have you two been up to, outside of plotting against me?" (Ponderosa Matador)

To Joe and Hoss: "Like taking candy from a baby." (Ponderosa Matador)

To Joe: "You ought to get out in the sun boy, you're looking a little pale." (Ponderosa Matador)

"Aha, toro!" (Ponderosa Matador)

"I don't know,I just play guitar." (Ponderosa Matador)

To Ben: "Now, you always taught us that the hurt you feel when you tell the truth is a little shorter and less painful than the hurt you feel when you don't face the truth." (Love Me Not)

About Hoss: "There's been an earthquake or he's fallen out of bed." (The Pure Truth)

“What's Hoss gonna fight with? A can opener?" (A Pink Cloud Comes From Old Cathay)

To Pa: “Yeah, well...that and horse stealing seems to be a serious crime around here lately." (The Pressure Game)

“A sad story is about to begin.” (Old Sheba)

[laughing] “You can't miss him. He's the only knight in armor out there, I guarantee it! Now GO GET HIM! HURRY!” (A Knight To Remember)

"What kind of a lunatic asylum is this anyway?" (A Knight to Remember)

“If this is a wild goose chase, I'm going to get a screwdriver and take you apart piece by piece." (A Knight to Remember)

To Pa, Joe, Hoss and Roy: "Peasants!" (A Knight to Remember)

To Hoss & Joe: "Why do you gape? Take down the luggage!" (Woman of Fire)

"There is the voice of wisdom. I lose my temper and he calls it a miracle." (Woman of Fire)

To Don Miguel: "What do you want me to do - thrash her every time she is bad, what she is most of the time?" (Woman of Fire)

"Don't lose your temper so early in the morning; you won't have any left for the rest of the day!” (Woman of Fire)

“I am a man of patience, and you have tested it beyond endurance." (Woman of Fire)

"You talk too much and listen too little." (The Flannel -Mouth Gun)

"When you buy the dog you get the bark too." (Hound Dog)

"You sing better than you talk" (Dead and Gone)
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