Episode 159 - RETURN TO HONOR

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Re: Episode 159 - RETURN TO HONOR

Post by littlejoenice » Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:43 pm

I recently watched this episode, and even though it's supposed to be serious, I found myself laughing almost all the way through. Especially at the part when Will went into the kitchen to shave, and the boys start questioning their father if he believes the story. It's almost like they're shocked to have a "black sheep" in the Cartwright family! And I love how Guy Williams sometimes acts so smug a--and arrogant. I wouldn't really know how else to describe him. I had trouble doing so when I recounted the events in this episode to my mother.

I think my favorite part is when Ben asks him "Where are you going?"
Guy Williams' response is quick, and comical: "I don't know. Maybe China. Haven't been there yet."

It's just his manner, his attitude, his personality. It's like he can take a serious situation and turn it comical, very much like he did in this one.
The acting was well done on all parts, Will's especially.
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