Episode 120 - MARIE, MY LOVE

Bonanza Season 4 Episodes
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Re: Episode 120 - MARIE, MY LOVE

Post by Julianna »

I have to say I never cared for this episode either. I felt it a bit boring. I also did not feel the love between Ben and Marie. Yep, no chemistry. Too bad they didn’t try a real location shoot or a set somewhere that looked like New Orleans. In the scenes filmed they could have been anywhere. I do agree that Little Joe doesn’t look like his mother.
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Who is your favorite Bonanza character?: Adam

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Re: Episode 120 - MARIE, MY LOVE

Post by rogell »

This one is ok. I can't for the life of me see how Ben could be attracted to Marie ( aside from looks). She initially doesn't seem very nice.
Although the actress is very beautiful, she is a little too fair to be Joe's mom. She should have been darker with dark curly hair. I envision that Joe's mom would have been quadroon. That would have made some interesting 1960s tv that's for sure.
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