Episode 27 - THE LAST TROPHY

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Re: Episode 27 - THE LAST TROPHY

Post by Adamant » Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:37 am

Not my favorite and if it didn't feature Adam, I would pass it up when it showed. Really, Beatrice is what we would call a "cougar" :ha (Yes, pun intended) but I am amazed that when Ben and Marion see Adam and Beatrice kissing, there is no scene where Ben asks Adam, "WTF were you thinking?" And although Marion makes some vague reference to her behavior, Beatrice responds that she always behaves perfectly properly -- or something to that effect.

But I think the names are of interest --"Belcher?" One who belches? How repulsive. Yuck! And the idea that she might have to have intimate activities with that slug was more than Beatrice could stomach!!! And then there's "Marion." Although it is a common male name in England (like Evelyn), here it's a sissie name. And Marion does "appear" as a bit of a sissie as he doesn't defend himself when Belcher slaps him. Of course Adam steps in but Beatrice knows it wouldn't have made a diference.

And then we get to Beatrice -- the name of Dante's beloved who leads him to Paradise! (Or as the Italians pronounce it-- Be ah tree chay.) She is far from divine in behavior but...maybe Adam passed up on a trip to paradise.

Interesting, that after being shot in the arm with the arrow, it's Adam who brings the tray up to Marion who is in bed after being beaten up. Those C's heal quickly.
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