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Post Your Ben Quotes Here!

Post by CowgirlAtHeart » Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:03 pm

Jan and I need your help! We're getting together lists of quotes from each Cartwright to have as a reference here on Boomers.
So if you have any BEN them here! Please include the episode titles along with the quotes.
As people contribute quotes, I'll edit them into this first post so we can have all the quotes in one place.
Thanks a million! :thankyou
"Look at it, Adam. Feast thine eyes on a sight that approacheth Heaven itself." (A Rose for Lotta)

"I fight for what’s mine and for what I believe in." (The Newcomers)

"We can't ignore the rest of the world! We're the only stabilizing influence in the whole country!" (The Saga of Annie O’Toole)

"There are many kinds of love, Hoss. As many kinds as there are women." (The Magnificent Adah)

“I’ve never held my land above my sons. Before that’d happen, I’d destroy the Ponderosa!” (The Truckee Strip)

To Hoss: "Son, there's one thing that a man can't do, and that's tell a woman who to love and who not to love." (The Outcast)

"I'm not gonna stand by and see my family flake away like rust off a wheel." (A House Divided)

"You listen to me and listen good. If you put a scratch on my boy, I'll find you and I'll kill you if I have to follow you clear to Hell!" (Blood on the Land)

“Now, Adam, you and I know the Ponderosa is one of piece of land he’ll never get.” (Bitter Water)

To Joe: "Get your feet off the table!" (Feet of Clay)

"This is the Ponderosa—Cartwright land." (Dark Star)

"I have three sons and no daughters. I've always found women a mite harder to understand than men. They're more sensitive." (Dark Star)

“That's mighty thoughtful of you Adam but I have a feeling I'm old enough to take care of myself.” (The Mill)

“We're different from them, Adam. She's different from you. I'm saying this badly, son, but I, it's what I wanna say.” (The Hopefuls)

"The Vikings were rough, ruthless men, not much better than the Compañeros." (The Last Viking)

“I never exactly considered myself a Yucatan turtle." (The Last Viking)

To Adam: “In between those last two gentlemen you mentioned there was another man who rode around looking for windmills, and his name was Don Quixote and he was a crackpot! You and your education.” (The Savage)

“I don't have anything against education—as long as it doesn't interfere with your thinking!” (The Savage)

To Joe: “That's the most unbelievable cock & bull yarn I've ever heard.” (Bank Run)

To Joe, about the telegram: “You ain't exactly got it with you because it wasn't exactly sent!” (Bank Run)

"No—you listen, and you listen good... " (Bank Run)

"He´s my SON!" (The Gift)

"I have my gift, son." (The Gift)

"I'd rather lose every living thing on the Ponderosa than resort to a rope." (The Rival)

"If I started doubting my son at this point, everything I've lived and worked for would be lost." (The Secret)

To Elizabeth: “I remember when I first met you I thought you were a woman!" (Elizabeth, My Love)

To Elizabeth: “A lighthouse horn?! Hoooomm.” (Elizabeth, My Love)

“Memories and dreams are precious things, Adam. They're always there when you need them most.” (Elizabeth, My Love)

“My sons.” (Springtime)

“Boys, it's been a long, tough, hard winter. Smell that fresh air? Feel that warm sun? It's Spring. The Ponderosa can take care of itself. I'm going to town.” (Springtime)

"To save my son, I'd talk to the devil himself." (The Honor of Cochise)

“I know that half the people of Virginia City are trying to get me married off to Widow Hawkins. Now maybe I have to take their smirks and innuendos, but I don’t have to take them from my own family! You hear?” (The Burma Rarity)

"Wait till I get my hands on those two brothers of yours!" (The Burma Rarity)

About Clementine: “She would never turn her own relatives over to the sheriff." (The Burma Rarity)

To Adam: "I don't want the first place, the second place, or the third place. All I want is a straight answer. Did you or didn't you?" (Broken Ballad)

Ben: "Let's sit down to eat before everything turns to ice." (Broken Ballad)

“Joseph, sometimes you make me so angry!" (The Friendship)

“To Linda Lawrence, Countess of Chadwick, the most charming and most conniving witch I've ever known.” (The Countess)

"JOSEPH!!!" (Day of the Dragon)

To Joe: "Wait a minute, wait a minute. What you're saying is that-- at your age-- you don't know the difference between a girl and horse?" (Day of the Dragon)

To Francois: “You're a scoundrel without an ounce of gratitude or talent.” (The Frenchman)

To Adam: "I told you all that reading would affect your mind!" (The Frenchman)

“Adam, how far does a man have to go to fulfill a moral obligation? Does he ever reach a point when he can say I've done everything a reasonable man can expect me to do. This is the end of it. I'm through. Does he ever reach that point?” (The Ride)

To Hoss and Joe: "Oh, I don't know. Sometimes I have my doubts about you." (Blessed Are They)

When Hoss and Joe are putting shoes on Kenny: "Wait a minute, wait a minute. Hold it. Either exchange the shoes or exchange the feet. Whichever one is the easiest." (Blessed Are They)

To Adam and Joe: "I know what you're made of and that is why you will not call him brother and I will not call him son." (A Stranger Passed This Way)

"Mrs. Vandervort, I had to raise my boy alone, without the help or love of a mother. But I raised him and I love him. And I would give him up, if deep in my heart I felt I would hurt him by telling him the truth." (A Stranger Passed This Way)

Ben to Joe: "I just don't understand you boys, why do you have to pick up lost causes?" (Rich Man, Poor Man)

To a frog: "If you don´t cut out that croaking, I might just pull the plug on you!" (Rain From Heaven)

"When a man knows something, deep in his heart, just knows it, he doesn’t have to argue about it, he doesn’t have to prove it. Just knowing it is enough." (Twilight Town)

"Mr. Holliday, I'm Ben Cartwright. Just a word of warning. You're a known gunfighter---killer. I thought you should know that if you hurt my boy, I'll see that you're hung from the highest tree in Virginia City." (Calamity Over the Comstock)

To Inger: “Those things are like nothing compared to things that you've taught me. Understanding. Affection. Love. But then I knew you would, first time I set eyes on you in your father's store.” (Journey Remembered)

"I don't think Adam could do anything without givin' it some real deep thought. (The Legacy)

"Three wives, three sons, all of them so different." (The Legacy)

"My sons can take care of everything. This I gotta see." (Ponderosa Matador)

“Don't touch this animal. I don't want him stampeded all over the territory.” (Ponderosa Matador)

“That bull tore down old man Garvey's new fence….he also smashed Mrs. Waverly's chicken fence to smithereens. Her hens won't lay eggs for a month if she can find the hens….That old bull harvested a whole wheat field all by himself. He smashed through two barns, he stampeded a full herd of milk cows. What you have done to the territory of Nevada in one short afternoon will reduce 25 years of Apache raids to a footnote in history!” (Ponderosa Matador)

"Love has nothing to do with logic!" (Love Me Not)

"Now Hoss, I don't want to appear unreasonable. But I'm running this ranch, not that dog's hair!" (Walter and the Outlaws)

To Joe: "Do you think you could manage to play chess with your feet on the floor?" (Walter and the Outlaws)

"You're all alike aren't you? You, Little Joe, Adam. When it comes to females, none of you knows a good thing when you see it." (The Scapegoat)

"I can believe you seeing things, I can believe you seeing things. But I cannot believe that Adam is seeing things!" (A Knight to Remember)

"I'm looking for a lost little boy. About six feet four any way you want to measure him." (Once A Doctor)

"Joseph, there's never any need to apologize for compassion." (All Ye His Saints)

"If brains were dynamite, you couldn't blow your nose!" (The Bridegroom)

To Hoss: "You stand up straight when I talk to you!" (Joe Cartwright, Detective)

"JOSEPH, there is a crime about to be committed, and I am desperately restraining myself from commiting it this very instant!" (Joe Cartwright, Detective)

"I'm going home to sit in front of that big fireplace, and try to figure out where I went wrong as a father." (Joe Cartwright, Detective)

Ben: "Forgive me for asking what may seem to be an obvious question, but this is a working ranch, isn't it? Weren't you boys supposed to be out riding fence?" (Judgement at Olympus)

To Joe: "Oh, very good, by all means, use your fists. Whyn't you try using your head sometime---you might actually get someplace!" (A Girl Named George)

"The law isn't perfect, but where would we be without it?" (Anatomy of a Lynching)

"You may be right, and I may be very wrong, and maybe you know something I don´t, but you see: I don´t know how tall God is!" (It's a Small World)

"No matter how much older you boys get I still think of you as my little boys. I guess I always will." (The Trouble With Trouble)
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