John Wayne and John Ford

If you like the westerns we’re currently discussing, you may have liked other western TV shows. So why don’t we discuss them here! Post about western conventions (non Bonanza), the shows, the actors and anything you want to discuss.

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John Wayne and John Ford

Post by elizabeth » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:38 am

The most recent issue of The Atlantic has an article on the inventing of John Wayne by John Ford. After doing his research, the author, Stephen Metcalf, asked"do we really need white men to save us from white men . Unclear, But we will forever need precise speech to rescue us from bullies." John Ford was working during the McCarthy era. Despite his faults (and we'll see what surfaces about the film industry greats who are now deceased), Ford defended Joseph Mankiewicz, who was the target of DeMille and cronies who were attempting to purge the directors' guild from leftwing and Jewish members. Ford sounded truly like a western script (right to the point) when he defended Mankiewicz to the Board and DeMille, saying DeMille knew what the American public wants and how to give it to them, but he didn't like DeMille and what he stood for. Mankiewicz was owed an apology and then made a motion that DeMille and the entire board of directors (of the guild) resign. "And then let's all go home and get some sleep." The motion carried. Doesn't that sound like a western? without the gunfight. Loved it.

I'm not a huge Ford/Wayne fan, but appreciate "the Searchers". I watch that when it pops up on TCM or one of the other channels.

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Re: John Wayne and John Ford

Post by RedShirt » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:16 pm

That does sound like other stories I've heard about that director. Ward Bond told some about him, IIRC, in an
interview about working with the two on several movies.
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