Cheyenne ~ 1955-1962

If you like the westerns we’re currently discussing, you may have liked other western TV shows. So why don’t we discuss them here! Post about western conventions (non Bonanza), the shows, the actors and anything you want to discuss.

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Re: Cheyenne ~ 1955-1962

Post by JOE AND WILL FAN » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:32 pm

Tracy wrote:
JOE AND WILL FAN wrote:I discovered this show last year when my family and I were on vacation in Estes Park Colorado. My sister was flipping through the channels to find something to have going all night. She stopped on a channel that happened to be having a marathon of Cheyenne. Needless to say by the next morning I was hooked. One year later I have all 7 seasons on dvd. Sadly Clint Walker passed away this year. One of the things that amazed me about the show was most of the cast from Bonanza appeared on the show. I will post pictures sometime when I get a chance. Including an episode that Michael Landon was in when he was about 15 I think.
There are some pictures in our gallery here on Boomers.

"Cheyenne" is one of my favorites. I am lucky to own an autographed picture of Clint Walker. It's hanging next to James Drury's and Robert Fuller's.
Ok cool! That's neat! I heard he was a really nice guy.
daisy60 wrote:
JOE AND WILL FAN wrote: Including an episode that Michael Landon was in when he was about 15 I think.
Actually Michael was 19 when he started acting. He certainly looked young and in some shows he looked 15!
Oh thanks for the information. Yeah he sure did .

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