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Buck's Interesting Guests

Post by BuckAndCochise » Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:16 pm

Because we all need a more laughter these days, I'd love to share at least once a week a few of my most interesting guests I've ever had the pleasure of speaking with. The joys of working at Walt Disney World? It's never the same thing twice!

May as well start it off with a bit of a Bonanza related one!

On one of my name tags (Yeah. I have a tendency to misplace them) I have I'm from Waycross, GA and we always introduce ourselves to our guests. Now if y'all could ever hear me talk, it is quite obvious I am not a native Floridian. An older gentleman spotted the town name and he chuckled and said "Man. I bet you don't even know who that man from Waycross is."

"Pernell Roberts?" He was looking at me so stunned and asked me how I knew that. I proceeded to tell him that it has always been my favorite TV show and I remember watching "The one with Hoss seeing Leprechauns" on VHS when I was little and how we wore the tape out when I was about 7.

"That's just amazing! I watched that show when it first came on. I was there when Adam left to that other guy-"


"Yeah! Candy! You got a good memory!"

"My Grandma wanted to name me Canaday but thankfully she lost."

And him, his family and I talked for at least fifteen minutes about the show and my fellow Cast Members (Co-workers) couldn't believe I actually could hold a pleasant conversation with no sarcasm involved (It was a hard feat but I made it) and they left, saying they were so glad I was the person I saw first because I had already made their day.

I can't wait to share some of my stories with you because good Lord if this ain't the most interesting job ever. Stay tuned!
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