coronavirus precautions?

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coronavirus precautions?

Post by Yesm » Tue Mar 10, 2020 7:53 am

Are any of you doing anything special or different because of the current flu outbreak? I remember when I was a kid the bugaboo was the "Asian" or "Asiatic" flu. I never touch doorknobs (usually have my hand in my pocket when opening doors), and while I might turn on a spigot with my bare hand, I turn it off with a clean paper towel after hand washing. I work on a college campus, and you would not believe what I have seen in the women's restroom :drool ! Leaving the stall "after" and leaving the room without washing the hands at all is not at all unusual, but there was a time there when I saw girls coming into the restroom and going immediately to the sinks, turning on the tap, getting the hands wet, and running the wet hands through the hair! :scared3 Yuk! What was that all about? And turning on the tap, washing the hands, and then turning off the tap with the bare, clean hands has never made any sense at all to me--why bother to wash the hands at all? I have never seen inside a men's restroom, but I cannot imagine that college men are dirtier than college women! When I did my every Saturday trip to my grocery store, I noticed an end cap set up right at the front, containing a line up of bleach bottles and cans of hand wipes. Usually this stuff is kept at the back of the store, but I guess the store managers wanted to remind the customers of what they might need and make it easier for them to find it. I happened to need a can of Clorox wipes, but not because of the flu outbreak--I always like to have them on hand, and when I start to get low I buy another can for when the used can is empty. How are you dealing with this current outbreak?

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