Guest Star POD Guidelines

Come take a peek at our guest star forum. Here you will find bios on many of our Bonanza guest stars. We offer guest star pictures of the day and regular guest star discussions.

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Guest Star POD Guidelines

Post by Gillie » Thu Jul 17, 2014 8:02 pm

Guest Star POD Guidelines

Thanks for doing a Guest Star POD!

Before you begin, please review the rules and guidelines.

When can I start my POD?
All Boomer PODs start on Monday. You may start your POD at 12:01 a.m. Monday morning your time. We want to be fair to the person doing the week prior and let them finish their week before you start your week.

Who can be included in my cap?
Guest star PODs can have other cast members in their image as long as the guest star is the prominent one in the picture. Please do not use supporting cast members in the guest star POD because we have a separate POD for supporting cast members.

How many caps can I use each day?
Two pictures per day will be allowed if the theme you have planned calls for more than one picture.

But only ONE BONANZA picture a day! The SECOND picture can be of the guest star as they look today, or it could be another picture of the guest star in another TV show outside of BONANZA.

We limit the number of GS caps so that future guest star PODs will have pictures to use. We also want to help the PODers who want to show ‘now and then’ pictures or show Bonanza vs. non-Bonanza pictures.

But please do not show two Bonanza images on the same day. There's no reason for that. We're still doing our best to be fair to the next person who has a turn doing the POD.

Can I add a youtube video?
Yes! If you feel your POD needs a video from youtube, one video is the limit!
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