ML POD ~ 29 July-4th Aug ~ "Charles Learns About, Guess Who?" [R]

Cozy enough for two; will it be Joe and you?
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ML POD ~ 29 July-4th Aug ~ "Charles Learns About, Guess Who?" [R]

Post by ansinico » Tue Jul 30, 2019 12:02 pm

Mon/Tues, 29-30th July,

With family visiting, time is a bit tight this week so am bringing back a POD of mine from August 2012.
Glory be!!...It's true...l can't believe it!.

Are you OK mam? You look kinda have a drink of water.

Thank you, you're very kind...l do feel sorta dizzy.

Take my arm, let's sit you right down on these here steps. Shall l get the Doc, his office is only a step or two away?

Oh no, no need l'm fine startled me that's all.

I'm sorry, can't think what l did...

Oh, it's not your fault, you just look so much like someone l took my breath away.

You mean l got a double somewhere?

Oh yes indeed, ye're alike as two peas in a pod, he is a coupla years younger but one could hardly tell.

Well don't you be telling my wife, she might go changing her mind about me, see l tell her I'm the best looking fella in these here parts.

And I'm sure she believes you, l's uncanny two such handsome men and so alike, even your hair and eyes...

Thank you for the compliments, l guess l ain't never scared the livestock...yet. How are you feeling now?

I'm fine, feel a bit silly causing such a fuss, but thank you for your help Mr...

Ingalls mam, Charles Ingalls...why don't you come along with me and meet my family stay for supper, they'd love to hear about my double ... what name does he go by?

His name? Oh, Joseph ... Joe Cartwright ... but everyone calls him Little Joe.

Little Joe, eh? Guess he must be a short guy?

Not at all, in fact, the same height as you. It's just his pa and brothers are all over six foot.

:thanks Heartbeatgirl
ansinico wrote:
Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:19 am
Tuesday 21st August

Mr Ingalls your wife won't be expecting an extra mouth at the table, are you sure...

Sure 'm sure! We don't get many visitors Caroline and the girls will love it and Charles is the name, Mr Ingalls is so formal, guess l never did ask you yours.


Cute, never heard of that name before, where's it from?

It's said girl's how many children do you have? this Joe Cartwright a family man?

Very much so, he hasn't a wife, but his Pa and brother's mean everything to him. He would defend them with his life - as l am sure you would do the same for your family.

You're darn right about that! Out here you have to be prepared for anything and everything ... I wouldn't let any harm come to Caroline and my girls.
:thanks Heartbeatgirl
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