ML POD ~ 10-16 June ~ LHOTP ~ "The Gift." (R)

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ML POD ~ 10-16 June ~ LHOTP ~ "The Gift." (R)

Post by ansinico » Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:53 pm

Monday, 10th June

Returning to 21 Sept 2008 :yes to one of the first POD's posted in Mike's Little House.
weavereb wrote:
Sun Sep 21, 2008 2:51 pm

MondayThe Gift.jpg

Reverend Alden’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and the children’s Sunday school class is saving up money to buy him a new Bible. Laura collects the children’s tithes for the week and gives them to Mary, who is the treasurer for the Sunday school class. All of the children chip in, except for Willie and Nellie, who are planning on buying their own present. When Laura asks why they won’t just be like the other children, Nellie says haughtily that her mother says they aren’t like the other children. Laura can’t help but agree with her about that. As the church service ends, the children are sworn to secrecy about the reverend’s present.

The Oleson children tell their parents about the present they would like to buy for Reverend Alden. No big surprise, it’s a Bible! With a cover of Moroccan leather and gold stamped lettering, it is sure to be more expensive than anything the other children can afford to give. Nels thinks Nellie and Willie should join the other kids in buying a gift, but Nellie says that are going to buy something silly that the reverend will never use. Harriet jumps to her children’s defence, and the matter is settled.

Before going to bed that evening, Laura and Mary read through a catalog that sells Bibles and other items. The Sunday school treasury is up to $1.67 and Mary finds a Bible that is selling for $1.50. She decides to order it the next day. But Laura has found another one that she likes better…with genuine Moroccan leather and gold stamped lettering on the cover. But it’s three dollars. Laura flips through the catalog until something else catches her eye: it’s an advertisement for homoeopathic remedies. All you have to do is order the bottles for a discounted price, then turn around and sell them for a profit. Laura is convinced that they can raise enough money to buy Reverend Alden the good Bible that way.

Monday The Gift 1.jpg
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