ML POD ~ 13-19 Jan ~ Keeping Fit With Mike. [R]

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ML POD ~ 13-19 Jan ~ Keeping Fit With Mike. [R]

Post by ansinico » Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:25 pm

Monday, 13th January

More people take out membership at a gym/leisure centre in the first two weeks of the year than at any other time, 50% of paid membership is never used or only taken up on three occasions. In the US alone in 2018 there was an unused spend of $1.8 billion in gym membership.

Ansi has to confess to being a lapsed gym member but ... now here's the rub! If there had been an example of Michael Landon male fitness on display, well :shrug I leave it your imagination.

If your imagination is not up to it I am rerunning a POD of mine from 2012.
Monday 16th April

Someone once wrote, your body is a temple - which I guess is an apt description - although mine looks more like a ruined temple.
I certainly do agree Mike Landon's body was a temple and one that I worshipped at many, many times.
So, this week my friends we are going to check out how that 'Body' or 'Temple' was kept in tip-top condition. That is if you don't mind accompanying me to the gym? To check out the ways in which Mike kept himself in trim.

Of course, before anyone gets a tad embarrassed, they can wait outside ... that is if they have a great deal of patience as I guess we will be lingering ... and BTW, I do have permission from the manager to observe but!!! :no Not to touch. :mad :shrug
So follow me to see just how fit was that man? :thud
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