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Post by pegasus » Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:42 pm

I've spent the last couple of days trying to organize my videos, photos, and tapes of Pernell Roberts' Memorial Service on Saturday.

I drove down to Waycross on Friday and then drove over to the Okefenokee Lion's Club, where the service was held, on Saturday morning bright and early.

The service was an exceptional and touching one and was well attended. Helen-Anne Coviello (often called "Pernella"), who was the planner and host of the event did a marvelous job and is obviously one of Pernell's most devoted fans.

A few of us drove over the cemetery after the service and put flowers on the graves of Pernell's parents.

Anyway, I've spent two days trying to get this video of the service ready and posted on YouTube. Of course YouTube won't allow long videos, so I had to cut it into four pieces.

Sometimes I can be a little technologically challenged, but I think I've finally put together a quasi-video of the entire service (after a couple of days of struggling at it!!!) At least it's pretty much the entire ceremony. I omitted parts that were incomprehensible, and I omitted the parts where Helen-Anne showed video clips. And the part where she played Pernell reading Desiderata. Just trying to save YouTube space. But, basically, it's all here. You may have to turn up your volume a little.

I apologize for the quality of some of my video clips. I have a cheap video camera, and I didn't hold it too steadily! But I couldn't have left it out, poor quality that it may be.

I know there will be members among us who'll say, "Why didn't you include the picture of (insert title here)". I know, I know. And I agree. I had to fill an hour of space with clips, and I went through my inventory and just picked out clips and pix that I liked. That doesn't mean there weren't hundreds more that should've been included. After two days putting it together, I was getting brain-dead by the end.

It's far from perfect. And now that I've posted it on YouTube I see glitches that I should've fixed and things I should've done differently -- but I think it captures the essence of the Memorial Service. And it'll at least give everybody a chance to hear the tributes and anecdotes that all of Pernell's friends and fans had to offer.

Among all four videos, it's about an hour long. So pace yourself.

I'll try to get some pictures and other stuff posted when I can find the time.

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