A Celebration of PR-

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A Celebration of PR-

Post by Threem » Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:25 pm

I found this definition of 'celebrate'........"to honor publicly". I think that's what we do here on this board, in this forum, everyday. It's still difficult, and it will be for a very long time, but I'm finding solace in not only my friends, but in watching him perform and in looking at pictures of him. Sharing thoughts, views with others-

I have a few pictures that are my favorites, of course, my avatar is one of them, but here are a couple more- Image This one, even though it is personalized to someone else, just leaves me breathless; to me, this pic just defines the character of Adam Cartwright. The black hat and shirt, that jacket that so many of us have debated the color of for years.....but that face...those eyes.....that crooked grin, and dimples to get lost in...*sigh* I have studied this pic many times.....the hands, the rifle....it's all there and it's all Adam Cartwright.

As I looked more into this marvelous man's career, I found that I really got to like him the older he got, too. From Trapper John to Hezekiah Horn, I enjoyed watching him 'age' in his roles; he did it so gracefully and with no excuses. He was still the most handsome, sexiest man ever, and here's a picture I found that proves that-
Image Pics by Threem I love this picture of him....he looks so happy, in amongst people, talking to someone; like he's right in his element.......just look at him! Well, I know I may not be wording things right, but to celebrate him, to me.....is to enjoy him, whether it is pictures....in a tv show or a movie. Just enjoy. And smile.

Please feel free to add any of your own comments, thoughts or pics to this thread. Let's 'publicly honor' this wonderful man!
Love him forever....

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