PR POD P.S. I love you 8/19-24

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PR POD P.S. I love you 8/19-24

Post by Adamant » Mon Aug 19, 2019 5:58 am


After watching PR in the Police Story episode (Get it? -- P.S.? :grin ), "To Steal a Million", I fell in love with his character, Sal Grosser. This was the first time I saw it. I DVR'd it and am going to watch it again. I may even pop for the DVD but my more rational side says, "$27.99 for one episode! A whole movie ticket doesn't cost that much!" We'll see who wins -- my profligate side or my penny-pinching side.

I wrote this after I saw it and it's is posted down the line in the forum but copied it for here:

I recorded this and watched it yesterday -- fell in love with his character, Sal Grosser. He is the senior partner -- although they are both sergeants -- on hotel heists, and basically he shows what determined, patient police work can accomplish although his partner wants to hurry, hurry, hurry to success. It wasn't an exciting story but it was interesting. Sal was the type of man you'd like to marry -- funny, hard-working and understanding. When the head of hotel security asks Sal, "Don't you guys ever go home?" Sal says, "There are five children there so I must have." And at the end, after a successful bust of the thieves along with recovering all they stole, as the two cops get into their car, Chris Stone, the partner, asks, how'd you get a name like Sal Grosser? PR answers, "Italian mother, Jewish father. My mother wanted Salvatore. She was a stubborn soul." His partner says, that Sal got more from her than a name.

I loved it. If I have time, I'll watch it again this afternoon. And Alex Cord -- easy on the eye -- Robert Brown, Barbara Anderson and other actors I've seen before are in it.

PR and Chris Stone. PR plays Sgt. Grosser and Stone plays Sgt. Hyams

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