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Lorne Christmas Recordings POD

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:52 pm
by Tracy
In 2014, this POD was featured for the entire month of December.
It's well worth the time to hear Lorne's "Spirit of Christmas".

Each recording is approximately two minutes in length,
and were posted in the sequence they originally aired on Canadian radio. ... ng#p957407

When I was working in radio in the 1990's for a station I used to listen to when I was a kid,
I was looking at some tapes literally next to the bulk tape eraser.
I guess someone cleaned out the office file drawer or something,
but I remember hearing these shows when I was a kid on the
station in the early 80's and what great radio it was.
I didn't think twice of grabbing the two 7 inch reels for my personal archive.
I still am a pack rat to a degree, and in 1999, I decided to post them on
a site which continued every Christmas for a number of years.

After issues with web hosts and moving to a new server for our weekly,
produced salute to cheezy music, I decided to devote some bandwidth
to give this page a permanent home. I can imagine few copies of this series still exist,
as I've found no real info on the web other then this site.
Often, you'd be lucky to have 100 copies produced, so unless the masters still exist somewhere,
I suspect I am one of the few who has a copy of the tapes.
I am very happy to share my tapes with you, as Christmas time
is all about sharing something very special.
May you all enjoy these programs as much as I do. -Scott Snailham