German Youth Magazine Visits "Candy" At Home

It's not just Candy to eat ... it's eye Candy!
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German Youth Magazine Visits "Candy" At Home

Post by Missy Cartwright » Mon Dec 28, 2020 12:41 am

I'm sure you all are already familiar with Germany's biggest youth magazine BRAVO. :yes

I found this article here, while "digging" through some Bonanza folders on my hard drive.
I'm almost sure that there must be a second part of it, because it says :"Turn the page please" on the botton right. :think
Couldn't find a second part though. :shrug

But I thought I share this double page with you anyway. :thumbup
It's about David, his first wife Julie M. Anderson and mostly about his first daughter Lisa.

The article is from September 1st 1969. :candy
Candy BRAVO 1969.jpg
Candy BRAVO 1969.jpg (73.32 KiB) Viewed 120 times

It says:

Candy - like nobody knows him

David Canary the new one on "Bonanza",
is a rough guy - on the screen.
BRAVO shows him here once in private:

(The short text under the picture of him and Dan says:
David Canary (with Dan Blocker) "on duty".
That's how everyone knows the new "Bonanza"-man.)

Up to this point, David Canary appeared in 17 "Bonanza" episodes on our TV screen.
To this day, Candy is still the poorest "Bonanza" star.
He still lives quite humbly in a 3 room apartment in Hollywood.
Two women may share their life with the world star:
His wife Julie and his little daughter Lisa - Candy's big love.
Guitar.jpg (65.5 KiB) Viewed 120 times
When Daddy Candy sings westernsongs with his guitar, then Lisa is an enthusiastic listener.
At home, she decides what's for dinner and how the Canary's spend their day.
"I let her do as she likes, her childhood should be the best time of her life", says Candy.

Rocking horse.jpg
Rocking horse.jpg (48.44 KiB) Viewed 120 times
The man who came to "Bonanza" because he got two hard fists and a daring smile, becomes soft as wax in Lisa's hands.
Candy mimes for Lisa the rocking horse cowboy - a role noone would expect from him.

Family.jpg (67.07 KiB) Viewed 120 times
Obvious centre on the premises Canary is Candy's daughter Lisa, 3 years old.
David (31) and his wife, the actress Julie (27) are happy:
"Lisa is a constantly cheerful whirlwind!"

Sometimes I wonder if celebrity children like Lisa know most of the pictures that were taken for other countries magazines.
Because those pictures must be very nice remembrances for them. :yes
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