LJ POD ~ 05-11th August ~ LJ Learns About Guess Who?! [R]

We had Uncle Joe, Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo, Betty Jo and now Little Joe!

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LJ POD ~ 05-11th August ~ LJ Learns About Guess Who?! [R]

Post by ansinico » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:07 am

Monday, 5th August

Way back in August 2012 I first posted this POD in conjunction with the POD I reposted in ML's Little House last week. As the two were connected ansi just couldn't leave :joe out in the cold - so to speak. :grin
ansinico wrote:
Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:13 am
Hi Ansi, when d'ya get back, did you enjoy your trip?

Hi Joe, I just got off the Stage. Yep, had a grand time and I met someone very interesting.

You can tell me all about it on the way to the ranch.

Oh no, l can't impose...

Heck, impose? What you talking about? My Pa 'n' brothers would have my hide if I left you here. Anyway kinda like to know about this interesting someone, an it's a lonely, boring ride back to the ranch, it'll be good to have someone to talk to.

Well OK, if you're sure?

Sure l'm sure...now get in an spill the beans. I'm reckoning it's some kinda good looking fella.

Very, very good looking, so handsome ... but, it's uncanny Joe how much he looks like you.

Like me eh! Well, I ain't never turned the milk sour. But, come on Adam's the handsome Cartwright. I kinda get by.

Oh you more than get by Joe. I always thought you were one in a million, but now there are two of you as alike as peas in a pod. You know he looks more like you than your own brothers do.

Really, that's amazing. I recall that happened to Adam he called him his dapplegonger...dipplegenger...something like that.


Yeah, that's it doppleganger...well l'll be...he gotta a name my doppleganger?

Mmm...Charles...Charles Ingalls.

Never heard of him.

:thanks to Bejules
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