Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Bonanza Boomers. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.


    1. Topic titles should be in lower case always! The exception to this is for special announcements calling attention to the members to read something important. #
    2. Please refrain from using all caps during your posting. All caps is harder for members to read and on the net it's considered yelling. Save all caps to be used in the context of your post for the purpose of pointing out something important in your post. #
    3. Do not post on all old topics. Posting on an old topic to add content for discussion is perfectly fine. Posting on many old topics without adding anything of value to that discussion is not OK. Be considerate before you comment on old topics one after the other. By posting on all old topics you take recent discussion and push them to back pages. This is unfair to the members here who have been discussing recent topics. Posting in this manner may result in your posts being removed to bring the recent discussions back to order. #
    4. No bashing! Please be respectful of all actors/characters & members of Bonanza Boomers. #
    5. Please do not monopolize the forums by starting numerous posts each day, therefore inadvertently bumping others topics down to the bottom of the forum. #
    6. Bumping for a specific reason to point someone to an old topic for reasons of recent discussions is perfectly fine.

      Posting on your own topics with either 'thank you' or any words in order to bring your topic up to the top of the forums is not allowed. This includes birthday celebration topics, youtube videos you add, tributes, short stories or anything else like that. We need to be fair to all who contribute. We're posting as a group here, it's not all about your topics being on top.
    7. Please do not get in the habit of quoting previous posts if they're very long. Take the time to quote only the necessary sentence that you're referring to. Don't make others have to scroll down over and over again through everybody's quoting of past posts, ESPECIALLY PICTURES. Please do not quote pictures unless the discussion needs to show that picture again. #
    8. Please keep all posts on the forum at a PG13 rating. #
    9. If you don't have anything constructive to add to a topic, please go on to another topic.
      Example: Topic starter writes "Tell me your favorite Adam episode". If you don't like Adam, there's no need for you to say "I don't like Adam so I don't have a favorite Adam episode". Simply do not post on that topic.
    10. Please be mindful as you add expressive emoticons/smilies to your post. As you're posting, the use of smilies should be limited to what you feel is necessary for fun, expressive ways of posting. Please do not use the same smiley one after another if it's not necessary. An example would be seeing 3 cheers when all you need is 1. While these cute emoticons are fun, using too many one after the other is harder for the reader to read your post, so please keep that in mind as you post.

      Use 6 emoticons per post as a guide, but if it's a post that calls for more for a special feature, then by all means enjoy the large amount of smilies listed in our smilie pack here on Bonanza Boomers.

    1. No animation in avatars. The exception to this would be a special avatar for a celebration to be used for a limited time. #

    1. Members who have joined after July 24, 2012 will be automatically placed in the New Registered Users group. You will remain there until you have posted 3 times. While in this group, all NRU's postings will be monitored by an administrator and subject to removal if in violation of any Board rule. You can receive PMs, but you can not PM anybody. Once reaching the 4th post, then you will automatically be removed from that group. #

    1. Bonanza Boomers is a private website owned and paid for by the Admins. Do not promote another website that has anything that Bonanza Boomers has to offer, which includes Bonanza related forums, Fan Fiction stories, etc.

      We do allow you to add your website in your profile page, but no website that is a Bonanza site similar to Bonanza Boomers.

    1. Feel free to use any photos from our Image Gallery. No hotlinking at all on this site. This means that any images you find on the net that you want to post here on Boomers must first be uploaded to your own personal photobucket, or any site designed to hold photos that you want to share, and then that url can be used to post the picture. Do not use the url from the internet.

      You may also upload directly from your computer by using our 'attachment' feature. Once uploaded, please click the box to place 'inline'. This will show your image in the best format without the white background showing it as an attachment.

      No watermarked images allowed at all on the site without permission from the site that watermarked the image.

    1. You may have one or 2 small images in your signature. The setting is no larger than 40 X 40 pixels. 2 smilies may also be used. Please don't double space text in your signature and no more than 4 lines in total.

      Do not post any links in your signature space that takes you outside of Bonanza Boomers. You may add a link in your signature box to your Library stories on our site only.

    1. All members who are active on the board will receive a birthday topic if they have their birthday set in their profile. The profile is set to British style where the day goes BEFORE the month, so please make sure you have selected the right number. Any member is free to start the birthday topic, but please before starting it, make sure that person is an active member. No reason to start a birthday topic for members that haven't visited our forum; they probably won't even see it.

      Birthday topic starters: For those of you that wish to start the topic for the birthday, please make your opening announcement festive. Add an emoticon or 2, maybe add a picture from our gallery.

    1. Please make sure you read the Games rules stickied up in the Games Forum before playing. #
    2. Click here to view all about our game room #
    3. Click here to see our Bonanza Game Room Rules #

    1. The only person who should be posting any pictures in the PODs is the member who is doing the POD that week. If any member wants to take a turn doing any of the Pictures of the Day, please see the sign up sheet stickied up top of that forum and choose a week.

      Character room PODs are limited to no more than 2 pictures and one video per day. If it's a collage, than no more than 1 per day. (Actors rooms, Guest Star and Supporting Cast PODs are limited to 1 picture and one video per day.)

      All PODs start on Monday and you have the week to do your POD. You may start your POD right after midnight Sunday in your time period but not before that. This is to give the previous week's POD a chance to finish up with comments before a new week starts.

    1. You may add your Bonanza related videos that you've created to our Boomers Tube forum. Please, only one video per member per month may be added. #
    2. Please do not continually reply with 'thank you' to each poster thereby bumping your video to the top of the forum. Use the 'thank you' button. #
    3. Only Bonanza related videos that you've created should be posted in this forum. Any videos found on the net that someone else created should go in the proper forum based on the contents of that video. Boomers Tube additions are only to showcase videos that you've created. #

    1. JigSaw or JigZones on forums are limited to 1 puzzle in play at a time per forum. The moderator of that forum may add one per month. At the end of the month, they'll lock it up and move it to our "completed games forum" before adding another one. If you'd like to add one, please PM the moderator.

      If a room does not have a moderator, there will be no puzzles allowed in that room.

    1. Please refrain from political debates or discussions on religion on this board. Please be mindful that some topics that may start out to seem perfectly fine can be offensive to some. If your topic has religious overtones, please post elsewhere. There are boards specifically set up for that kind of discussion. #

    1. Registration in our Image Gallery is separate from our forums. Register with your same username and password that you use in our discussion forums so you don't forget it. The Gallery is not for members in our Newly Registered User Group. Check the topic stickied up in "The Board Room" for details. Do not PM Admin for admission. #
    2. ATTENTION UPLOADERS: If you are uploading images to the gallery, please take the time to make sure you're uploading it to the right album. The album description is posted right there along side the album name. Follow the tutorials in our "Site Help" forum which shows how to upload multiple images at one time. Do not add any images to the gallery that are not your own. Upload only those images you own from purchasing or your own images that you screencapped from a DVD. Do not upload any images found on the internet.

      You may, however, use internet images to post on the forums as long as it's not hotlinked from the net. All images found in our gallery will be assumed that they are the property of the uploader.

    1. Our Library is located here #
    2. Registration in our Library is separate from the Forums. Please see the pinned topic in The Board Room for Library access. You should register with your same username and password to keep it simple. Only one story per author per week may be added to our Library. Please check The top box on the Library Home page for any updated changes before adding a story. #
    3. This Library is for Bonanza stories. Any stories featuring the Bonanza cast in other roles are permitted on our forums only. Bonanza Boomers website offers a forum that welcomes fan fiction based on the stars of Bonanza as they appeared in many different roles. #
    4. Cross-Over Stories - While we allow cross-over stories in the Library, this is still a Bonanza Library and the Cartwrights must be the main characters in the story. Any character from the other TV story must not supersede the Bonanza characters in the progression of the plot. #
    5. AU stories are permitted. The category is "future". #
    6. All authors that are adding a story for the first time to Bonanza Boomers Library, must first get approval from our Librarian, Patina. Please private message your complete story to Patina and she or one of the members of the Beta Readers Team will review your story. #
    7. Library submissions should be free of major typographical and grammatical errors. #
    8. You are free to request a beta reader to help you. A list of our beta readers and our beta reader team leader can be found by clicking here. #
    9. All stories must have a rating of G, PG, or PG-13. There are no R Rated stories permitted in our Library. #
    10. Please do not post your story title in all caps. If you do you will not be eligible to have your story featured on our side bar. #
    11. All stories must be complete. #
    12. You may edit your story at any time after you've submitted it, but you may not add any additional chapters to your story. Added chapters bumps your story to the top of our Library home page and that pushes somebody else's story down a notch and someone else's off the home page screen completely. If you add chapters to your story after you submit, your story may be deleted from our Library. #
    13. Stories must be at least 2,500 words. #
    14. An author may add no more than one story per week. After 7 days, you are free to add a second story. #
    15. Our Library has a side bar for featured stories. I will alternate those features now and then. Only members who participate in our Bonanza discussions forums will be featured and *no stories with titles in "all caps" will be featured.

      If your story is featured, you will see this Image image appear next to your story. This will automatically appear in your story if it's featured in the sidebar and automatically be removed when it's not featured anymore.

      Only active members participating in our forums will have their stories featured.
    16. Please post a disclaimer to your story. Here's a sample disclaimer:

      All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.