Guess the Guest Star Winners and Answers

Come take a peek at our guest star forum. Here you will find bios on many of our Bonanza guest stars. We offer guest star pictures of the day and regular guest star discussions.

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Guess the Guest Star Winners and Answers

Postby CowgirlAtHeart » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:21 pm

Welcome to a new feature, "Guess the Guest Star!"

Do you ever see someone in a movie or TV episode and think, "I know I've seen that person before in something else!"?

have i seen you before.jpg

This game is all about people we've seen before...on Bonanza! :grin

Starting Monday, January 29, I'll post one picture each day for 12 days. For each picture, players will need to figure out:

1) the name of the actor or actress and
2) the titles of all the Bonanza episodes they were in.

Here's an example!
If I were to post this picture:


The correct answer would be Leonard Nimoy ~ The Ape.

Everybody who correctly guesses 10 out of 12 guest stars will win this spotlight badge.

If you're stuck, you may message other Boomers for help. But please don't give any answers or hints in this thread! :no

As I post the caps each day, I'll put links to them in this first post.
You have until Friday, February 16 to PM your answers to me, CowgirlAtHeart.

Good luck, everybody! :horseshoe

Picture 1 ~ Picture 2 ~ Picture 3 ~ Picture 4 ~ Picture 5 ~ Picture 6
Picture 7 ~ Picture 8 ~ Picture 9 ~ Picture 10 ~ Picture 11 ~ Picture 12
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